The Eurogame is my first video arcade cabinet. I own it since 2001 and I just moved it last week-end to my brother’s house.

In 2000 I was classmate with my very good friend Joël ‘Air Duel’, and our passion to Arcade gaming leads us to our first arcade machines : two WDK Eurogame in perfect working condition.
Joël found those machines near the place they were manufactured, in Moselle, France. He brought mine to the north of France by car… The road trip was quite epic regarding the few place left he had to drive, the cab being quite big… ^^
I got it with a 2 slot NEO-GEO MVS and 2 games : I think it was Puzzle Bobble and Super Sidekicks 2. I still have those games today.
The machine followed me in Paris area where I moved for work. And now, after more than ten years of ‘work’ with NO problem at all (!), I moved it to my Brother’s place so he can enjoy Arcade Gaming for the first time, like me twelve years ago. Hey, I just noticed I also lend him the MVS slot and my two first games (with some others of course…). ^^

I moved it because some other cabs will follow soon at home, and even if the WDK is a great machine -most practicle screen rotation system ever for example!- I prefer to concentrate on some more rare stuff (stay tuned).
I’m glad to have been able to keep it somewhere and don’t have to sell it… It’s my first machine, it never causes me any technical trouble, and it’s a lot of souvenirs.

I can remember the buttons where all quite jammed so I changed almost all of them. Except that, no modifications were made.

Here are some pictures of the machine just landed to my brother’s place (second floor with tricky stairs!…) :

IMG_3113 - 2013-08-15 à 17-07-43

IMG_3114 - 2013-08-15 à 17-07-48


IMG_3117 - 2013-08-15 à 17-08-43

IMG_3115 - 2013-08-15 à 17-08-05



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  1. Ronald
    20 décembre 2013

    Nice machine !!!

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