‘DAYYYYY-TOOO-NAAAAAA !!! Let’s go away…’
What a great game. I used to play this machine a lot when I was at the University. Starting with the Beginner Race, trying to reach (desperately) the first place (still not easy to do after some practice!). Then experimenting and finishing first at the Intermediate Race… And finally trying to beat the Expert Race, that was quite hard… So yes, I put lot of coins in this cab’.

I was never expecting to own such a huge game at home, but I took the decision after the IREM session, organized by Air Duel and Tortue (July 21st 2012).
Tortue has an very nice Arcade, and he owns a european/wood version of this twin machine. I came back at home with a big smile on my face, I went on internet and saw that a japanese/plastic version of the twin was for sale at the belgium frontier! Coincidence? The machine was half working but the price was also divided by two. I took my chance, negociated a good price, and went soon after to pick up the machine!

This was crazy to buy without knowing this kind of beast… I discovered some days after that those Model 2 cabinets are really fragile, and I had of course no clue on how i could fix the problem of the second screen.
Hopefully THE Daytona specialist, Big Panik, is working very close to my home! Coincidence, again?
Thanks to him I made everything worked properly so MANY THANKS to You Big Panik.

In addition of the technical restoration, I have done quite a lot of cleaning/ refreshing on this cab.
In fact I have cleaned to the bones everything except the dashboards for the moment (cigarette burn on the top of each, speakers grids are rusted, etc.).
I mean, every PCB -there should be more than 20 in the two machines- have been cleaned in the shower, every metallic part has been sanded, primed, painted, etc.
It was quite a long task but hey, this master piece deserved it.

I had the chance to find two brand new sides (orange plastic parts + stickers) and shift covers, it looks much better for sure.
Still need to make a capkit on the left screen, and correct a sound problem… It’s true : those Model 2 PCBs are really fragile!

120827_Gameroom_001 120827_Gameroom_014 120827_Gameroom_015 121008_WIP_Daytona_001 121008_WIP_Daytona_004 121008_WIP_Daytona_010 121008_WIP_Daytona_027 121008_WIP_Daytona_040 121010_WIP_Daytona_004 121010_WIP_Daytona_005 121010_WIP_Daytona_008 121010_WIP_Daytona_009 121010_WIP_Daytona_010 121024_WIP_Daytona_001 121024_WIP_Daytona_004 121127_IMG_1754 121128_IMG_1761 121128_IMG_1767 121128_WIP_Daytona_008 121128_WIP_Daytona_009 121128_WIP_Daytona_014 121128_WIP_Daytona_015 121128_WIP_Daytona_020 121128_WIP_Daytona_021 121128_WIP_Daytona_024 121128_WIP_Daytona_027 121129_WIP_Daytona_003 121129_WIP_Daytona_004 121129_WIP_Daytona_005 121130_WIP_Daytona_011 121130_WIP_Daytona_014 121130_WIP_Daytona_017 121204_WIP_Daytona_002 121204_WIP_Daytona_007 121204_WIP_Daytona_008 121204_WIP_Daytona_009 121214_Gameroom_019 130601_WIP_PiècesGilles_006
 130601_WIP_PiècesGilles_009 130601_WIP_PiècesGilles_017

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