What a great game here… I used to play this machine quite a lot when I go to one Arcade in Belgium which has got this game. I can even remember exactly the place is was displayed…
This movie / game is clearly the representation of the 80’s period… Schwarzenegger (try to write it without any spelling mistake…) at his best… It’s A LOT of souvenirs!!
It’s the first -and maybe the last- arcade shooting cabinet I will own, and it’s very fun to play! ^^

I buy this game in the east of France, to a fan who got also a T2 pinball and T3 pinball, and he was selling everything of his collection (only the T3 pinball was not sold when I met the guy).
I was crazy to put the cab downstairs with a winch… and to see that the cab was so huge when we put in in front of the trunk of the car… It was a question of millimeters in width! ^^

Here is now, standing in my Arcade.
I only made some really small restoration work on the front panel, replace a LED on the left gun, put some foam to lower the sound of the machine gun, and some touch-up paint on the sides.

Some pictures :

2012-1116_T2_002 2012-1116_T2_003 2012-1116_T2_012 2013-03-14_IMG_6992 2013-03-14_IMG_6995 2013-03-14_IMG_6996 2013-05-01_IMG_3470 2013-05-02_IMG_3511 2013-05-02_IMG_3513 2013-03-17_IMG_0122 2013-03-17_IMG_0114 2013-03-17_IMG_0113


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