Bought from a guy named Jess in september 2013 in California, USA. Unwrapped at my apartment in january 2015. Quite a long wait.
Game is in mint condition. Nothing special to say except it’s a very nice game to play/ score. And of course the experience is great as the theme fits perfectly an Arcade machine.

Original Flyers:


TRON_Flyer_02 TRON_Flyer_03

The cabinet, freshly unwrapped, and turned on for first time in his new home:

2015-01-24 IMG_0111
2015-01-24 IMG_0122

2015-01-24 IMG_0141

2015-01-24 IMG_0117 2015-01-24 IMG_0127 2015-01-24 IMG_0131 2015-01-24 IMG_0134 2015-01-24 IMG_0135

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