I have found this beautiful CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in the french countryside. It was already in perfect condition and the playfield is a Diamond Plate. Nethertheless, I have add a Playfield Protector, as I did on the Terminator 2 pinball.

It plays great, the hologram is in great condition, and there is the light mod on the 3 red bumpers on the top right of the playfield.

The double ambience drive-in / horror show is awesome. The graphic design of the playfield is incredibly beautiful…

2014-02-07_IMG_2806 2014-02-07_IMG_2813 2014-02-11_IMG_3122 2014-02-11_IMG_3128 2014-02-11_IMG_3142 2014-02-11_IMG_3149 2014-02-11_IMG_3161 2014-02-11_IMG_3163 2014-02-19_IMG_3426

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