Stunfest 2013

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Stunfest 2013

Website of the event :
Here are some pictures taken at my first attend of the Stunfest, at Rennes, Bretagne, France.
We spent some good time during two days. May be we’ve been a little bit disappointed about the event, but still… it was a good experience!
The superplay were really impressive…
Next time we have to watch the whole concert of the live band. The ‘Flying Penguins’ sounds great! It gives us the envy to create a band and play some famous Video Game Songs! ^^



Link to downlaod the pictures : StunFest_2013


130426_StunFest_026 130426_StunFest_031 130426_StunFest_032 130426_StunFest_044 130426_StunFest_045 130426_StunFest_048 130426_StunFest_050 130426_StunFest_051 130426_StunFest_052 130426_StunFest_062 130426_StunFest_085 130426_StunFest_087 130426_StunFest_089 130426_StunFest_090 130426_StunFest_093 130426_StunFest_096 130426_StunFest_098 130426_StunFest_105 130426_StunFest_107 130426_StunFest_119 130426_StunFest_127 130426_StunFest_141 130426_StunFest_164 130426_StunFest_166 130426_StunFest_169 130426_StunFest_179 130426_StunFest_186 130426_StunFest_205 130426_StunFest_211 130426_StunFest_218 130426_StunFest_236 130426_StunFest_239 130426_StunFest_249 130426_StunFest_285 130426_StunFest_289 130426_StunFest_306 130426_StunFest_319 130426_StunFest_327 130426_StunFest_329 130426_StunFest_339 130426_StunFest_340 130426_StunFest_358 130426_StunFest_374 130426_StunFest_378 130426_StunFest_389 130426_StunFest_394 130426_StunFest_407 130426_StunFest_413 130426_StunFest_416 130426_StunFest_417 130426_StunFest_418 130426_StunFest_424 130426_StunFest_456 130426_StunFest_467 130426_StunFest_469 130426_StunFest_470 130426_StunFest_474 130426_StunFest_493 130426_StunFest_504 130426_StunFest_508 130426_StunFest_520 130426_StunFest_522 130426_StunFest_538 130426_StunFest_556


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