WIP SEGA Space Harrier – Part 2

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WIP SEGA Space Harrier – Part 2

Here we are. Back on the Space Harrier. It’s been too long. I can’t wait anymore. Let’s fix this.


Ok, now that the cab is moved to the living room, I can take care of it more easily.


We have to deal with lots of cables. Lots of them are disconnected. Hopefully one friend got a Space Harrier too so I can compare.


We have also a missing power supply and a very dirty fan.


PCBs are there. Everything is in place. Just missing some PCB feet.


I had a bad ROM IC32 8751. This component is not dumped. British guy Mark from RetroClinic set up a kit to replace this ROM.
This kit includes 6 ROMs and the 8751 changed for a bypass PCB. No soldering or welding. Very easy to install.
You can see the parts on the picture above (’empty’ PCB upper right, and the 6 ROMs with bright white stickers).


30 years of dust.

Space_Harrier_Arcade_-07 Space_Harrier_Arcade_-08
Much better.

Look at those cables. The black is an original AMD HE10. The game requires a total of 4 connectors like this.
Mine are burned or replaced by the big white one. To put everything back as original, I have to find spare parts in my network, as they no longer produce those items.

Space_Harrier_Arcade_-10 Space_Harrier_Arcade_-11

Connectors found. Wiring in progress.


No more power supply. Wires are abandoned like this.

Ready to connect a power supply.

After at least 3 years of deep sleep, let’s plug the machine on! And……



Game doesn’t boot. I have to send it to Retroclinic. No choice.

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