WILLIAMS T2 Pinball Hunter Ship

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WILLIAMS T2 Pinball Hunter Ship

I like original stuff. Not keen on LED and other ‘modern’ stuff on pinballs. But this Hunter Ship modification was quite interesting. Btw my ship was not very shiny, it looks like aluminium, not chrome. So I decided to buy a new ship and this mod. I don’t regret it, even though it is very repetitive to see it ‘scanning’ the ground always and always. Anyway, here it is in pictures.


T2 Pinball Hunter Mod


Package received. Explanation to connect the cables under play field & header could be better but that’s ok.

2015-09-12 IMG_7658

My old fashioned Hunter Ship. I don’t trust ‘chrome’ painting anymore.

2015-09-12 IMG_7662

The ship is sold separately. I bought it on eBay. Comes from Germany.

2015-09-12 IMG_7664

Connections done. It’s alive! Very nice effect. It scans from the front to the rear of the ship.

2015-09-12 IMG_7676 2015-09-12 IMG_7679

Will I stick to the old bulbs forever for the whole playfield? Or will I jump one day to the ‘dark side’ with LEDs?…

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