WIP SEGA Space Harrier – Part 3

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WIP SEGA Space Harrier – Part 3

I have sent the non working boards in UK to RetroClinic. This guy is very skilled, he will repair your old Sega PCB easily…

RetroClinic Space Harrier PCB 2

Live from United Kingdom. Work in Progress…

RetroClinic Space Harrier PCB 1

That’s great news! It works!

This PCB is soooo rare (and expensive… We saw one in auction in Japan this year 2015. It was sold at something like 2000€… PCB only. Crazy!), I was a little bit stressed to have some shipping issue. But everything went fine. Let’s have a look…

2015-09-09 IMG_7553 2015-09-09 IMG_7558 2015-09-09 IMG_7560

Very professional package. Not the kind of package you see everyday.

2015-09-09 IMG_7563

Here they are. New components, and even new PCB feet. Cool.

2015-09-09 IMG_7569

Ok. Crucial moment. Fingers crossed.

2015-09-09 IMG_7575
Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Yes! It’s working. Incredible. Amazing. etc.

2015-09-09 IMG_7583

Isn’t it beautiful? One of the best (and may be the best) combinaison of wood, electronics, music and graphic design that humanity has ever done!

2015-09-09 IMG_7594


That’s amazing… Playing this game after so much time. Awesome, really. With OutRun, this is one of my favorite now.

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of issues to fix:
– Neon is not working. Gonna get a new starter soon.
– Screen is vibrating a lot. Like 1cm up-down, 4 times /seconde… It’s almost impossible to play. But it’s not a PCB problem.
– In test mode, there is still one RAM that is tested ‘Bad’.

2015-09-09 IMG_7577

And after there are things to enhance on a cosmetic side:
– Wood work on the base (the footstep part is often broken on this cabinet. Too fragile. Bad conception)
– New locks and keys. I have the locks, but no key…
– Touch up painting on both sides.

But the main difficulty was to make the game work. And it’s done.

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