WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 7

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WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 7

Almost… I could have finished at 100% this WIP, but unfortunately after this step there will be other small things to fix (resistance + capacitors, re-paint the spaceship, etc.).
But it’s still a great day! I put the Playfield Protector and all the upper decorations.
The render with the PP is strange at the beginning… The macrolon gives a glossy look… But at the end I found this really nice because it gives a clean aspect of the playfield, and it’s very reassuring to know that everything under is perfectly safe!
If you use this kind of PP, triple check you don’t have too much dust particles on the field. I have some tiny, it’s not important, but it will be better with no dust at all.

Here are some pictures without the glass. In real it’s much better of course. When I see all the work that as been done cleaning every corner, etc. I’m very glad to see it like this. It’s really like brand new, and to play a game is really thrilling! I love it! ^^

2014-01-29_IMG_2616 2014-01-29_IMG_2617 2014-01-29_IMG_2619 2014-01-29_IMG_2623 2014-01-30_IMG_2627 2014-01-30_IMG_2634 2014-01-30_IMG_2635 2014-01-30_IMG_2638 2014-01-30_IMG_2639 2014-01-30_IMG_2642 2014-01-30_IMG_2646 2014-01-30_IMG_2647 2014-01-30_IMG_2655 2014-01-30_IMG_2657 2014-01-30_IMG_2659 2014-01-30_IMG_2660

Oh, here you can see the modifications I’ve done -manually!!- on the stickers around the T800 head. In fact I remove the crappy repro stickers and do new ones by myself on a adhesive paper. It’s not perfect, but much better. In the dark during a game? Nobody could see the slight mistakes. Could you find which improvements have been done?2014-01-30_IMG_2661 2014-01-30_IMG_2666 2014-01-30_IMG_2667 2014-01-30_IMG_2668

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