WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 6

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WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 6

Re-installing all the playfield parts: bulbs (some new), new elastics, new crystal plastic parts, wood and metal rails, plastics, etc.

Before installing the playfield protector and the big upper parts it’s finally time to switch the machine ON and see if everything is still working well.
Well, I had some trouble with one connector. Only one third of the bulbs were ON, don’t know why. I just moved a little some connectors and wires and everything is working now… Old technology is fragile but sometimes very easy to fix…

I have also broken a resistance so the catapult is not working anymore. Easy to fix also, just need to find the same component.
I replace with a wire at that time and the catapult is working, no problem.

Here are some pictures. Next step: enhance the sticker inserts around the T800 head (touch up paint + home made sticker details) to put the Playfield Protector and the last decorative parts of the playfield!

2014-01-23_IMG_2264 2014-01-23_IMG_2265 2014-01-23_IMG_2266 2014-01-23_IMG_2267 2014-01-23_IMG_2268 2014-01-23_IMG_2270 2014-01-23_IMG_2271 2014-01-23_IMG_2272 2014-01-23_IMG_2273 2014-01-23_IMG_2274 2014-01-23_IMG_2275 2014-01-23_IMG_2276 2014-01-23_IMG_2277 2014-01-23_IMG_2278 2014-01-23_IMG_2279 2014-01-23_IMG_2280 2014-01-23_IMG_2282 2014-01-25_IMG_2443 2014-01-25_IMG_2444 2014-01-25_IMG_2448 2014-01-25_IMG_2451

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