WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 4

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WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 4

Playfield, second part: the cleaning.


2013-12-10_IMG_8172 2013-12-10_IMG_8176 2013-12-10_IMG_8178 2013-12-10_IMG_8184 2013-12-10_IMG_8185 2013-12-10_IMG_8188

I started to clean with some ‘white spirit’, but it’s obviously not the right product to remove the glue…
The magical product below on the picture… It removes the glue quite easily. Don’t be shy with it, it is perfectly safe for the playfield, and it’s very cheap!2013-12-13_IMG_8195 2013-12-13_IMG_8198 2013-12-13_IMG_8200 2013-12-13_IMG_8201 2013-12-13_IMG_8202
Hey! What’s this? ^^2014-01-10_IMG_2104

Yeah, it’s the Playfield Protector I’ve ordered. Yes, I decided to test this product because I don’t want to put another adhesive film on the playfield…
I’ve heard very good feedback about this so let’s try it…2014-01-10_IMG_2108
Of course it’s not the right time to install it. Just a test… It’s 0,75mm thick and it’s of course very easy to install…2014-01-10_IMG_2110
Ok, go for the new sticker inserts! I was worried about this part… How to install them? With water, and use a credit card to remove the bubbles/water after? Hum… I’ve seen some videos on Youtube also: it seems not that easy. So, after 2 tests with water I decided to use ‘my’ method: stick them directly on the inserts! Yes, it seems tricky, but I found this method very effective and much quicker.

Let’s explain it on a round shape, it’s even more tricky of course because you have to align the text…

Hold the insert with two fingers (wash your hands first) trying to maintain the tiniest area. Place the very bottom of the insert first:
Start to lower the insert. You have to anticipate the good position of the insert on the playfield:2014-01-12_IMG_2215
When you are sure of the placement of the sticker, use your second hand to apply it, starting from the bottom. Don’t push too much so you can still move the insert a little:2014-01-12_IMG_2219
If necessary you can still move the sticker (like 0,5mm maybe…) to place it perfectly. At this stage it’s too late of course to have another try…2014-01-12_IMG_2221
Then, push harder with a soft material to have a perfect contact with the playfield, always starting from the center to the outside. That’s it, done. Only 30 inserts left… ^^2014-01-12_IMG_2222

Done! 🙂 I’m very happy of the result, even if it’s not perfect (the surface of the inserts were bad at some areas, don’t know why). But nobody will notice it, furthermore in the dark during a game…
Done is better than perfect!

Also, another point that was stressful for me : some inserts were not flush with the field… they were like 1mm up… And again, I’ve seen some videos on the web to warm the inserts (what about the playfield if I warm it too much, etc.) with a ‘heating gun’ to soften the glue, etc.
You know what? I use directly a small ‘soft’ hammer and the inserts move without any problem! No need to warm anything etc.
So everything is now perfectly well aligned. Great ^^

2014-01-12_IMG_2223 2014-01-12_IMG_2224 2014-01-12_IMG_2225 2014-01-21_IMG_2263

Oh, just one thing: the inserts of the T800 head are ugly!! Eyes, mouth and shoulder are not well reproduced. We will correct this later. It’s really a shame that the people who did those reproductions made an awful job there!
Here is a picture I posted on a french forum so you can see the problems of those inserts:


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