WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 5

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WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 5

Now, the dark side of the playfield! Very dirty too… The wood + every bulb, PCB, wire should be cleaned… It’s a lot of work.

I have decide to keep the wires on the playfield as I don’t want to do a lots of welding. It should be enough to renew this part of the playfield.


2013-12-09_IMG_4218 2014-01-13_IMG_2229 2014-01-13_IMG_2230 2014-01-13_IMG_2234

Every insert should be also cleaned with alcohol of course, look at this… How can the light go through this dirt?…2014-01-15_IMG_2241
The new foam on the targets (before/after):2014-01-17_IMG_2243
A loooot of wire to clean…2014-01-21_IMG_2254 2014-01-21_IMG_2255 2014-01-21_IMG_2256 2014-01-21_IMG_2259 2014-01-21_IMG_2260 2014-01-21_IMG_2261
Wow, I have no picture of ‘before’, but believe me it’s better like this:2014-01-21_IMG_2262

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