WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 3

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WIP WILLIAMS T2 Pinball – Part 3

Let’s have a look to the playfield.

It’s very dirty… Looks like nobody removed the parts to clean the playfield in details! It’s a good think because it means it should be in great shape under all this dirt and layers of mylar (protective film). Some inserts have been already replaced, but I don’t like the way it has been done.

Let’s remove everything to have a ‘brand new’ playfield!

I will have to replace the foam from the targets here also:

Looks ugly from the surface, but under it’s like new:2013-11-27_IMG_8068 2013-11-27_IMG_8071 2013-12-03_IMG_4085 2013-12-03_IMG_4096

Dust everywhere, in every corner:2013-12-03_IMG_4100 2013-12-03_IMG_4109 2013-12-03_IMG_4118 2013-12-03_IMG_4120 2013-12-03_IMG_4146 2013-12-03_IMG_41532013-12-03_IMG_4159

Some new crystal plastic parts have been ordered to replace those ones:2013-12-03_IMG_4173 2013-12-03_IMG_4198 2013-12-08_IMG_81302013-12-08_IMG_8124

Can’t resist to clean some parts… It’s much better like this:2013-12-08_IMG_8127
Almost everything has been removed:
2013-12-10_IMG_8134 2013-12-10_IMG_8136 2013-12-10_IMG_8143 2013-12-10_IMG_8146 2013-12-10_IMG_8148 2013-12-10_IMG_8149 2013-12-10_IMG_8150

The cleaning process has started, but I don’t have the right product, it’s too long and difficult to remove all the glue:
2013-12-10_IMG_8154 2013-12-10_IMG_8155 2013-12-10_IMG_8159 2013-12-10_IMG_8164


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